Public History

Interviewed for “Museum Documents Persecution of Gays in Nazi Germany,” by Lisa J. Huriash. Sun Sentinel, July 10, 2018.

Author of Pink Triangle Legacies: Holocaust Memory and International Gay Rights Activism,” Nursing Clio (blog), April 20, 2017.

Exhibition Consultant for “The Era of the Holocaust,” an exhibition curated by students at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, which was on display at the Priddy Library of the Universities at Shady Grove campus from December 2016 – January 2017.

Perfect Arrangement

Author of A Comedy Based on Serious Political History, a brief history of the Lavender Scare included in the playbill for Perfect Arrangement, directed by Amy Berlin and performed at Richmond Triangle Players theater in Richmond, Virginia. September 28 – October 22, 2016.

Volunteer at the Pink Triangle of San Francisco’s annual ceremony commemorating the Nazis’ gay victims. San Francisco, California. June 2014. (


Americans and the Holocaust: Information, Agency, and Responsibility during Crisis,” Workshop for UCLA Chancellor’s Campus Climate Impact Summit for student leaders. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC. December 2018.

Ethics, Agency, and Leadership during the Holocaust,” College Student Interns from the U.S. Department of State. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC. July 2018. 

“Gender, Sexuality, and Citizenship in the Third Reich and West Germany,” Command and General Staff College Genocide and Mass Atrocity Studies Seminar. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC. April 2018.

The Role of the Academe in Combating Violent Extremism,” U.S. Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC. October 2017. 

The Nazi Campaign against Homosexuality,” Jack and Anita Hess Faculty Seminar: Gender and Sexuality in the Holocaust. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC. January 2017.

Making Queer Subjects Visible in Holocaust Studies,” Summer Research Seminar: Sexual Violence in the Holocaust. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC. August 2016.


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They Are Enemies of the State!” The Nazi Persecution of Gays and Lesbians during the Holocaust,” The Cosmos Club. Washington, D.C. January 2019.

Pink Triangle Legacies: Holocaust Memory and Gay Rights Activism,” Stonewall National Museum and Archives. Fort Lauderdale, Florida. August 2018.

The Pink Triangle: A Concentration Camp Badge Turned Global Gay Rights Icon,” Capital One Legal Division’s OutFront Business Resource Group. Capital One Global Headquarters, McLean, Virginia. June 2018.

USHMM: Honoring Gay Holocaust Victims through Research and Commemoration,” at “La repression des homosexuel-le-s pendant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale en France,” a conference and commemoration ceremony organized by Les Oublié-e-s de la Mémoire in partnership with La Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Déportation. Paris, France. March 9-10, 2018.

Memory and the Burden of Silence for the Nazis’ Gay Victims,” Troy University. Montgomery, Alabama. November 2017.

Race and Violence in the Nazi Campaign against Homosexuality,” the University of South Alabama. Mobile, Alabama. October 2017.  

The Damnedest of the Damned: The Nazi Persecution of Gays and Lesbians,” Temple Isaiah. Palm Springs, California. April 2017. (PDF)

“‘Liberation Was only for Others:’ Violence and the Burden of Memory for Gay Holocaust Survivors,” University of Southern Mississippi. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. April 2017.

‘For Homosexuals, the Third Reich Hasn’t Ended Yet:’ Memory, Victimhood, and the Law in West Germany,” Valdosta State University. Valdosta, Georgia. April 2017.

The Damnedest of the Damned: The Nazi Persecution of Gays and Lesbians,” Weber State University. Ogden, Utah. March 2017.

Pink Triangle Legacies: The International Struggle to Memorialize the Nazis’ Gay Victims,” University of Memphis. Memphis, Tennessee. February 16, 2017.



Bystanders and Complicity in Nazi Germany and the Jim Crow South 
University of Alabama at Birmingham. February 2018.
This symposium brought together scholars, students, and community members to engage in meaningful dialogue on how, when, and why ordinary people supported, complied with, ignored, or resisted racist policies in two very different systems of targeted oppression and racial violence.

UAB Symposium
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(Un)Comfortable Identities: Representations of Persecution
Humboldt State University. Arcata, California. October 2017. 
By exploring emerging research on the representation of historical persecution, this symposium examined the lasting impact of persecution on memory and identity for communities in different historical contexts. In bringing together educators and scholars from diverse disciplines, the symposium initiated meaningful dialogue about trauma, identity, violence, and discrimination against communities in Europe and the Pacific Northwest. 

Humboldt Symposium
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Landscapes of Displacement: Borderlands in Comparative Perspective
San Diego, California. September 2016.
Co-organized with USHMM Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies and San Diego Mesa College School of Social/Behavioral Sciences and Multicultural Studies, this interdisciplinary symposium explored current and emerging research on borderlands, refugees, and displacement in Holocaust studies, Latina/o and Chicana/o studies, Asian American studies, American Indian studies, and African American, Africana, and Black studies.


Landscapes of Displacement
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Traversing the Borderlands: Past, Present, and Future
Buffalo, New York. April 2013
22nd Annual Milton Plesur Graduate History Conference, State University of New York at Buffalo. This international conference enabled graduate students from the United States, Canada, and elsewhere to share current research with fellow students and faculty members in a number of fields, including History, American Studies, English, Comparative Literature, Classics, Global Gender Studies, African-American Studies, and Disability Studies.

2013 UB Milton Plesur Grad. Conference