The Josef Kohout/Wilhelm Kroepfl Collection (US Holocaust Memorial Museum)
In 1994, the USHMM acquired the unique collection of Josef Kohout. More widely known as Heinz Heger, Kohout recorded his experiences in The Men with the Pink Triangle, the first published account of a gay survivor of the Nazi camps. USHMM staff shares his story. (Runtime: 9 mins 10 secs)

“Do You Remember When?” Gad Beck’s Album
As young, gay, Jewish men living in Nazi Berlin, companions Manfred Lewin and Gad Beck faced much uncertainty. In 1941, Manfred made Gad a small, 17-page booklet, recording moments from their daily life and titled it, “Do you remember, when.” You can also watch USHMM staff talk about the artifact in this 3 minute video.

Queer as German Folk
In 2019, the Goethe Institute released this special exhibition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York City. The accompanying digital exhibit ( presents stunning images and historical context. The site contains collections on the Pink Triangle and memorials to the Nazis’ gay victims