Documentaries & Feature Films


We Were Marked with a Big A. The persecution of homosexuals during the Third Reich is detailed by three survivors of the Holocaust in Germany. No gay survivors of the concentration camps had told their stories before this 1991 documentary was produced because they were subject to arrest by West German police under the same law used by the Nazis to imprison thousands of German gays during World War II.
Directed by Elke Jeanrond and Joseph Weishaupt. Produced by: Mediengruppe Schwabing, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and Norddeutscher Rundfunk. 1994. DVD

Paragraph 175.  The Nazi persecution of homosexuals may be the last untold story of the Third Reich. Directed by Oscar winners Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, Paragraph 175 fills a crucial gap in the historical record, and reveals the lasting consequences of this hidden chapter of 20th century history. These are stories of survivors – sometimes bitter, but just as often filled with irony and humor; tortured by their memories, yet infused with a powerful will to endure. Their moving testimonies, rendered with evocative images of their lives and times, tell a haunting, compelling story of human resistance. Intimate in its portrayals, sweeping in its implications, Paragraph 175 raises provocative questions about memory, history and identity.
Produced and directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. Telling Pictures.  2000. DVD

Desire.  From 1910- 1945 Germany was subjected to one of the most turbulent periods of social and political change that has been experienced by any European country in the twentieth century. In Desire, Stuart Marshall traces cultural and official attitudes towards sexuality through this period as competing forces struggled to define the meanings of masculinity and feminity.
Directed by Stuart Marshall. Maya Vision, 1989.


Unspoken follows the story of Noam, a closeted teenager in a religious community who discovers that he might not be alone. When he finds a love letter written to his grandfather by another man before the Holocaust, he sets out to find this mysterious person and uncover his grandfather’s identity as well as his own. (Directed by Jeremy Borison. Currently in production.)

The Liberator
In this short film, a gay Holocaust researcher struggles to convince his boyfriend’s grandfather, a Dachau liberator, to reveal his untold story of pink triangle survivors. (Written and directed by Patrick Fritz; produced by O’Shea” Myles and Kyle Wilson; currently on the film festival circuit.)