Dr. Jake Newsome is an award-winning scholar of German and American LGBTQ+ history whose research and resources educate global audiences. His forthcoming book Pink Triangle Legacies: Coming Out in the Shadow of the Holocaust (Cornell University Press, Sept. 2022) chronicles the ongoing struggle for the acknowledgment and memorialization of the Nazis’ LGBTQ+ victims. It also traces the transformation of the pink triangle from a concentration camp badge in Nazi Germany into a symbol of queer activism, pride, and community beginning in the 1970s. In addition to serving as a historical advisor for film projects, podcasts, and plays, Dr. Newsome has been invited by the French, UK, and US governments to speak about the important lessons that LGBTQ+ history has for all of us today. He now works at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC as the Manager of Civic Learning for Campus Communities.

Public Historian

Dr. J’s work as a public historian is dedicated to making high quality scholarship accessible, engaging, and relevant to diverse audiences beyond the classroom. By shining light on the LGBTQ+ past, Dr. J seeks to guide learners through a study of history to develop an ethical sense of compassion and wrestle with the ideals and challenges of responsible citizenship.


Dr. J regularly speaks to audiences ranging from high school & college classes to community centers, corporations, & government agencies about the experiences of LGBTQ+ people during & after the Holocaust.


Dr. J conducts innovative research on queer German and American history using archival material and conducting original interviews. Additionally, he conducts community-based research on pedagogy and educational practices.


Through social media, podcasts, blog articles, and other outlets, Dr. J makes LGBTQ+ Holocaust history accessible to broad and diverse audiences. He also contributes to academic scholarship by publishing peer-reviewed research.

Creating Resources

Committed to equipping educators and learners to explore the LGBTQ+ past, Dr. J creates new and compiles existing educational resources on the fate of LGBTQ+ people during and after the Holocaust.


Dr. J shares his expertise by consulting on a range of projects, including films, podcasts, exhibits, novels, plays, and social media campaigns.

This website is run by Dr. Jake Newsome in his personal capacity. Views expressed here do not necessarily represent those of his employer, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.