Apply: Pink Triangle Legacies Virtual Internship

One of the reasons I wrote Pink Triangle Legacies was to give a voice to the queer people persecuted by the Nazis. I want to use some of the proceeds from book sales to both support a young person who’s dedicated to preserving queer history and to make more queer stories from the era of the Holocaust easily available to the public. That’s why I started the Pink Triangle Legacies Internship.

Dr. Jake Newsome

In 2021, historian Jake Newsome created the online resource LGBTQ+ Stories from the Holocaust to make individual stories easily available to the public. Based on his own research and the scholarship of leading historians across the world, these stories teach us about how and why the Nazis viewed LGBTQ+ people as a threat to the “master race,” as well as the ways queer people navigated the dangers of fascism to resist, build community, and attempt to live life on their own terms. To serve various learning styles, each online biography is accompanied by a YouTube video and companion PDF that can be printed or used offline. All resources contain information on sources and suggestions for further reading.


Jake Newsome is now seeking an intern to research and create 4 resource kits to be added to the website. This is a fully virtual, paid internship and does not require any in-person duties. The intern will have two-and-a-half months to complete the project, from Monday, May 15 to Friday, August 4, 2023 (dates may be adjusted to fit the intern’s schedule if necessary).

The four new resource kits can be based on scholarship that is already published. Original, primary research is not necessary (although it’s certainly welcomed if the intern has the time and resources). Where necessary, Jake will work with the intern to secure permissions to use material for the project. All new resources created will credit the scholars on whose research the resource is based.

Background knowledge of Holocaust history is helpful but not necessary. The intern will receive a bibliography of publications as a starting point.


The intern will:

  • Have a weekly meeting with Jake to provide progress updates and discuss challenges and opportunities;
  • Identify photographs or visuals to accompany each resource and get copyright permissions for each (Jake will provide guidance in securing copyrights).

The intern will be responsible for researching and creating 4 new biography resource kits that will be added to the website. Each of the 4 resource kits will include:

  • An online biography (approximately 450 words) with links to relevant material and sources (see the online biography for Fritz Kitzing as an example);
  • A companion PDF (approximately 450 words) with sources (see the companion PDF for Fritz Kitzing as an example);
  • A 3-5 minute video that will be uploaded to YouTube (see the video for Fritz Kitzing as an example) (Note: Jake will edit and produce the intern’s video footage to match the others).

Upon successful completion of the internship, the intern will receive:

  • $1,000.00
  • Credit on the resources they create
  • Signed copy of Pink Triangle Legacies: Coming Out in the Shadow of the Holocaust

This internship is open to:

  • Undergraduate students enrolled in a community college, college, or university in the United States;
  • Students in any major.

Ideal applicants will demonstrate:

  • Experience doing a research project (such as a term paper or historical essay for a class);
  • Excellent writing and speaking skills;
  • Access to a university library for conducting the research for the project;
  • Equipment to record the biography videos (laptop, smartphone, or camera);
  • A Gmail account (files and work documents will be shared via Google Drive);
  • Commitment to preserving and sharing LGBTQ+ history.

Dr. Jake Newsome is a public scholar of German and American LGBTQ+ history whose research and resources educate global audiences. He is the author of Pink Triangle Legacies: Coming Out in the Shadow of the Holocaust. You can learn more by visiting or connecting on social media at @wjnewsome.