Educational resources on LGBTQ+ people in Germany before, during, and after the Holocaust

Jake has collected the following English-language educational resources created by leading scholars and institutions around the world. They are organized and presented by type below.

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LGBTQ+ Stories from the Holocaust

In this series, Dr. Jake Newsome shares the true stories of LGBTQ+ people in Nazi Germany through short, digital biographies. Each biography is accompanied by a 3-5 minute YouTube video and a companion PDF that can be used in the classroom.

Social Media

Follow Jake on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, where he sheds light on the LGBTQ+ past by sharing stories and artifacts from the archives and by offering insights on new research into queer history.

Video Lectures

These lectures by the world’s leading scholars on the topic are great resources for the classroom or for anyone interested in learning more about queer Holocaust history.


Check out this collection of podcast episodes on queer Holocaust history.

Digital Essays & Articles

These articles written for general audiences provide an introduction to queer Holocaust history as well as in-depth studies of particular topics.

Lesson Plans & Digital Tools

These lesson plans and digital tools offer different approaches to teaching about the Nazi persecution of LGBTQ+ people.

Oral History Testimony

These oral histories provide a first-person account of how the Nazis’ violent campaign against LGBTQ+ communities impacted individuals.

Artifacts & Primary Sources

These artifacts allow learners to examine primary sources to better understand the experiences of LGBTQ+ people during and after the Holocaust.


These bibliographies contain information about published books and articles on queer German history before, during, and after the Holocaust.


These documentaries explore different aspects of LGBTQ+ life during the era of the Holocaust.

Community Research

Dr. J regularly conducts research projects that address issues raised by the LGBTQ+ and academic communities.